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The importance of labels on products according to official Mexican standards

The labels on the products are the most fundamental parts that the products must have because they are used to identify it, the description of instructions, materials, how to use the product, helps consumers identify the products, as well as helps to comply with the laws, norms or regulations that are established in each sector.

In this publication we explain the importance of labeling and the requirements to be met so that the products can be imported, manufactured and/or marketed in the Mexican territory.

The Importance of the Label

The label is a mandatory element in all countries, this is the informative element that everyone should use because this is the means by which the manufacturer and the final consumer have communication for identification, description and differentiation with other products.

The importance of the label lies in the fact that it guarantees that the products that are marketed comply with the commercial information that must be displayed on their label or packaging, in order to guarantee effective consumer protection.

Tags perform various functions including:

First, they identify the product or brand.

Second, product description and information.

Third, they serve to describe the product: who made it, where, when, what it contains, how it is used, and instructions for safe use.

Fourthly, promote, through design, promotional phrases that distinguish them from the rest.

And finally, compliance with the laws, rules and regulations in force for the industry and sector of each country.


When products comply with regulations, they are easier to distribute in

different points of sale, from supermarkets, stores to a specialized point of sale, so it is agreed on a strong communication between manufacturer and customer, also on a competitive strategy... Which companies should use to make more sales.

Products with more eye-catching and informative labels that stand out to the eye have a greater advantage and positioning in the market, customers are increasingly better informed about what they are buying, having a good label and complying with the official Mexican standards becomes a strategic element for companies.

The QLStandard Commercial Information Inspection Unit helps you with the importation and marketing of your products, all in accordance with the Official Mexican Standards.


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