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Appeals and/or Complaints, Suggestions and Congratulations

We have provided this section, through which you can enter your appeals and/or complaints, suggestions and congratulations, about any QLStandard service or process.

We have a comprehensive appeals and complaints procedure to ensure that any concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.


We also welcome suggestions and compliments from our customers, as we believe feedback is essential for us to continually improve our services.


When there is an appeal and/or complaint, suggestions and congratulations, it is the responsibility of the Administrative Management.


It is the responsibility of the Administrative Management to acknowledge receipt of the appeal and/or complaints, suggestions and congratulations and to determine the resolution of the complaint filed within a period of no more than 10 business days, recording the determined resolution and informing the complainant of the resolution to through a formal letter.

The complaint or suggestion will be addressed to the Administrative Management:

(55) 7095 8702​

If you want to know about the validity of a certification, certificate, opinion, programs, processes, costs, requirements or if you require any document, please contact us at

phone: (55)70958702 or email:

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