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Industria automotriz-Aceites lubricantes para motores a gasolina y diésel-Especificaciones, métodos de prueba e información comercial.

Additional product certification information

If you want information on any of the following topics, we appreciate making the formal request indicating the name of the applicant, contact information and purpose of the query to the email: Request for information regarding:


a) Details of certification schemes, including assessment activities, rules and procedures for granting, maintaining, expanding or reducing the scope of certification or for suspending, withdrawing or denying certification and when monitoring or surveillance is applied;

b) Due to the fact that the fees for the services may vary depending on the activities to be carried out according to the selected certification scheme, tests and other factors, the costs of the services will be informed through quotes;

c) The rights and duties of applicants and clients are stipulated in the application, quotation or agreement formats provided to applicants for services;

d) Status of certificates (current, suspended or withdrawn).

e) If you need to use the official password, the rights and duties that must be fulfilled are indicated in the contract for the provision of certification services, OC-FA-009 and in the Guidelines for the use of certificates and passwords OC-FO -031.

azul borroso


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