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Quality Standard & Laboratory QLSTANDARD, S.C.

QUALITY STANDARD & LABORATORY QLSTANDARD, S.C., hereinafter referred to as QLSTANDARD, is a civil partnership established in accordance with the laws of the Mexican Republic, as per Public Deed number 12,337, dated September 1, 2017, granted by Lic. Angelina Rosa Bulos Islas, Notary Public No. 2 in the City of Zimapán, State of Hidalgo, Mexico. Likewise, in Public Deed number 12,337, before Lic. Barragán Mejía, its purpose is to provide inspection (verification) services in Mexican official standards, Mexican standards (normas mexicanas), international standards, as well as other standards and specifications beyond these, within the scope of its accreditation.


It operates under the authority of its assembly of partners and is located at Florencia 37, office 704, Colonia Juárez, Cuauhtémoc Borough, Postal Code 06600, in Mexico City.

QLSTANDARD obtains its financing through the services it provides as an accredited Conformity Assessment Body, and, where applicable, authorized and/or approved.

QLSTANDARD is legally constituted under Mexican laws, with the purpose of providing services as a Commercial Information Inspection Unit, Provider of Proficiency Testing Programs, Product Certification, and Training in Quality Management Systems.

We have competent, experienced, and reliable technical, material, and human infrastructure, recognized nationally and internationally by different public and private organizations, with the aim of contributing to the continuous improvement of quality in processes and services for the benefit of our users.

QLSTANDARD's Inspection Unit is accredited by a Mexican accreditation body and approved by the Ministry of Economy.



QLSTANDARD has the following quality policy:

To provide conformity assessment services with a professional and impartial approach, aiming for a commitment to service and customer satisfaction, strictly adhering to the framework of the Quality Infrastructure Law and other regulatory, legislative, and normative forms that govern it. In this way, our services will be focused on the continuous improvement of our Quality Management System for the benefit of our customers.

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