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Documents for a successful import!

What is the Document, Certificate of Conformity?

This document is used for national and international products.

imported, with which compliance with the NOM's is demonstrated:

National Products: Compliance at the point of sale and before the standardizing authorities that verify their compliance.

Imported Products: For products labeled from

origin, demonstrating compliance upon entry to the

customs country.

What is the Document, Compliance Opinion?

It is the document issued as a result of the conformity assessment in the inspection carried out on an imported product, at a private address. So that, later, they can be distributed.

It is imperative that the certificate of conformity be issued with a seal by an authorized body.

The Certificate of Conformity is an important document. Make sure that your products have met the standards established by an inspection unit.

"Obtain your Certificate or Opinion with us, expedite your imports or marketing of your products"



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